What is NeuroPay?
When checking out, tell the technician you would like to save your card to the NeuroPay system, and provide the technician your credit card details like normal. We would then save this information in our system. On your next service, we would just tell you the amount due, and you would get a receipt automatically emailed as soon as we verbally confirm that we are allowed to charge the card on file. You will always receive a receipt when using NeuroPay.

Can I choose to pay with another card, rather than use my NeuroPay saved card?
Of course. When we tell you the amount due, just provide a different payment method instead of verbally confirming that you would like to pay with the card on file. We would then accept that payment method, while leaving your NeuroPay card details untouched.

Can I remove my card from NeuroPay?
Yes you may do so by using the link provided on your electronic receipt, or just by letting us know.

Is NeuroPay Safe?
Yes it is. Your payment information is encrypted and secured by our payment processor, Square. We do not store your card numbers, only a token that represents your credit card number. We are not authorized to write the numbers down, or save it in a plain-text format. Square manages all payment related activity, so you know that it is secure.