How does remote service work?
If you choose to use the remote service, you are probably wondering how it works. You would just havre to make sure your computer is able to turn on, and connect to the internet. Our phone agent would then walk you through the steps on how to install the software required, and grant us permission to access and work on your computer. When finished, the technician would pull up a payment portal on your computer’s web browser, or collect the credit card payment information verbally (whichever is easier for you).

Does remote service cost more?
No it does not. It is offered to you at our same great low prices. It is just an additional option for more convenience for our customer.

How do I get “near-instant” remote service?
You will not see the time available on the website, due to a limitation with our provider, Square. So please follow these instructions: When booking your online appointment, choose the nearest time slot available, and then give us a call at (480) 500-1200, so we can adjust the system to fit you in the schedule.